I inherited my passion for healing from my mother, a hospital floor nurse who worked hard caring for others. My path into bodywork started when I was 5years old and mom had to work late hours. Granny would look after me & every night I would “rub” her neck, shoulders, back and tired feet. Soon I learned at school that I could negotiate my way out of nap time by trading my teacher neck and shoulder “rubs” for Ritz Crackers. As my journey progressed I developed a reputation among family, friends and coworkers for alleviating aches & pain. I received my first Professional Massage when I was 16. It changed my world to know there was more than “rubbing” & I knew immediately I was born to “massage”. In 2003 I attended the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville CA. While attending NHI I was fortunate enough to receive training in both Eastern & Western styles of massage & bodywork. 

When I moved to NC life forced me to take some time off but I continued to study & practice on family. In 2012 I decided it was time to get back to doing what I do best. I wanted to make sure I distinguished my credentials as well as my standards so I chose to take the National Exams to become a Board Certified Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork therapist.  

 I prefer to use a “melting pot” approach to therapy. When asked what my Specialty is I respond “Whatever it takes to achieve your goals for the session” You’re aches & pains are usually multi-faceted so it may take a variety of techniques to provide the best relief. It is my philosophy that healing doesn’t begin & end on the table. It starts with an in depth intake (Medical History, Injuries, Daily Life Influences & Goals) then ends with Educating you on Body Awareness to Correct & possibly Prevent problem areas from occurring. Massage isn’t a miracle cure but we’ll work on what massage & bodywork can achieve for you. 

- Shauna Wright / Owner